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Ringmaster Happy

FAQ - Game Setting


Here's where you'll find the basics. How your character ended up in the circus, what you can and can't do with the world, all that helpful information for playing your characters or creating story lines.

The sound of an organ breaks the night air around you.  Stunted trees and the sound of a crow fill the air with a sense of dread.  As you walk down the dirt road, you realize an old world circus has set up a show for you to see.  The freak show catches your eye and the crowd around you makes the hair at the back of your neck stand on end.  Welcome to the Sinful Circus where you are part of the show and the price of admission is dear....

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

When your character wakes up, you are in a ratty, broken down apartment that has seen better days.  The faint smell of antiseptic and bleach tickles your nose and makes your eyes water.  The view from your window is completely random and usually unrecognizable.   The only thing you have with you is whatever you were last wearing or carrying on your person.  The last memory you have is of wherever the Ring Master pulled you from in your canon background.  How you arrived is fuzzy at best and painful at worst.  As you begin to move around, you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore...

A bit about the setting....

On the surface, the Sinful Circus is an old world circus of the strangest, freakiest kind.  The truth is far more sinister than any save the Ringmaster and a few of his brighter acquisitions realize.  The Ringmaster takes people and animals from places far and wide.  He can reach any dimension or timeline he chooses.  The gathering of people is all for the sake of his personal entertainment and that of the audience who revel in pain, humiliation, and anything outlandish.  Sometimes, his toys displease him and he takes a perverse delight in their punishment.  

The Ringmaster is god of the Sinful Circus, but for the most part, he appears to leave those he brings to him alone so long as they perform in his show when required.  That’s not to say he does not meddle quite often in the affairs of others or disrupt the flow of things for his own amusement.  The Ringmaster is not absolute in his power, though he works hard for it to look like he is.  The trick is finding the truth behind his mask and the Sinful Circus itself.

The world of the Sinful Circus repeats. If your character tries to leave by the road or through the forest, they will eventually come back to the circus.  Repeat this trek too often and your character will end up some place far more sinister than just the circus. Do feel free to dream up some creative little corner of hell or darkness to torment your character or pair with a mod and we’ll gladly help you out.  The no escape hindrance will be broken at some point in the RP, but until the characters figure the way out, it won’t be.
On a random note for creatures of the night or those with sunlight allergies, it is always night outside at the Sinful Circus for it is a place that loves the dark and what hides within it.

Dance, puppets, Dance!

So, you have magic powers of amazing proportions in your own world?   They stay with you at the Sinful Circus.  There are, however, limits to how any powers your character may have can affect the world around you.  None of the buildings can be destroyed. If your character tries to destroy something, the attack will fade like it never existed. For example, let's say your character does a fireball attack at the apartment wall. The attack would go into the wall, but then vanish. The wall would be unharmed.  If you decide to use your powers on another performer, it will not kill them or wipe them from the face of the earth.

The Ringmaster does not suffer fools that break his toys permanently.  He prefers to do that himself.

The Ringmaster brought you here to perform and entertain him.  You are a part of the show.  If you can’t decide what your act will be; we’ll decide for you.  If your character doesn't show up for their slot in the show or constantly stays in their apartment, the Ringmaster will do horrible things to them. Don't do this just because you’re out of ideas. Come up with something like trying to figure out how to break out, for example.  If the Ringmaster has to get involved, you won't like what we do. Killing your character is available to the Ringmaster.

The Ringmaster Loves To Torment You

There are no police here; your character will not get in trouble for being a villain unless it interferes with the Ringmaster's plan.  He will come and visit you personally in that case.  This is not a good thing.  There is always a human audience for the show, however, there is always something not quite right about them.  The same is true about the crowds visiting the games and freak show.  You are more than welcome to have a monster or something horrifying stalk or come after your character.
Again, the Ringmaster loves tormenting those he brings into the circus.  Sometimes, it is obvious and other times subtle.  

A Few Housekeeping Items

The Sinful Circus has a manager that the Ringmaster lovingly volunteered to run the mundane side of the circus so he does not have to be bothered by pesky things like organization or demands from his new toys.  Jean-Claude is the manager of the circus.  Any extra rations, clothing, mundane items, or weapons must be requested through him.  He is also the one to see if you have special needs in your diet, medication, or anything else.  Hellen Waite is the manager of the complaint department.  If you have a complaint, you can go to Hellen Waite.

Most important of all, someone does play the Ringmaster. Do not meta-game the ringmaster. If you want to know if the ringmaster would do something, ask the mods.

Money doesn't work in this world. In order to pay for things, you must give up something of yourself. It may be a piece of your soul, a memory, or even your blood. The more precious the item, the greater the price.

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