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Ringmaster Happy

Layout of The Circus

Layout of the Circus

Below are a few descriptions and layout maps of the circus. This is to give you an idea of how the circus is laid out, what things look like and to give you a better idea of what your character will be dealing with. Please don't add things to the world that are not there. If your curious what your character's apartment looks like or where they live, please head over to the Apartment page.

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The Forest:  Stunted trees surround a dirt road that leads into the forest.  Nothing seems to live here but weeds and shadows.  The sounds of ravens, crows, and unknown songbirds fill the twisted tree branches but no birds can be found.  The songs sound sinister and send chills over any who venture into the forest to hear them.  The scraggly underbrush holds the faint snap of a twig, growling noises, an infant calling for its mother, and could that be screams?  The dirt road shows the grooves of wagon treads and barely cuts through the dying grass at its edges.  Setting foot upon the road brings you to the opposite side of the Circus if you are lucky and if you are not, the forest is always happy to welcome you to become a part of its mystery.

Hot Springs: Never one to neglect his performers, the Ring Master has gifted those who performer at the circus with hot springs designed to either relax or torture. Nestled back within the untameable forest is a men's only spring, women's only spring, and a combined spring. Decorated like an oasis full of lights or like an image out of a horror film, its up to the Ring Master's whim.

Freak Show: Faded wooden buildings bear a sign above them that announces the Freak Show in blinking, aged lighted letters.  Inside, you will find secluded booths with a freak on display in each.  The most twisted nightmares of birth and imagination can be found here.  People come through to view the freaks and they seem normal – mostly.  There is a sinister, too bright look in their eyes and an amusement at the plight of the freaks that is disconcerting.  All the wrongness of creation can be found here from three-headed dogs and deformed dead children in jars to true monsters that live under a child’s bed.  Step inside one of the booths and you change to become a freak on display.  The Ringmaster loves to see what twisted abomination you may become for the entertainment of others.  After all, everyone takes a turn here so that their outside will match the vile creature inside.

Game Alley/Food/Rides: Who says the Sinful Circus doesn’t have bright, happy spots?  The air here is full of the scent of caramel apples, hot dogs, and delicious foods that make your mouth water.  The Game Alley is full of bright lights, loud noises, and happy people playing games for prizes.  Large teddy bears and dolls are handed to sweet looking children as well as laughing adults.  The ever popular ball toss, ring throw, dunking booth, and fortune teller can be found along the many stands.  Upon closer inspection, you realize that no one is paying with money.  The currency of game alley is more costly than you can imagine or perhaps playing will cost nothing so long as you win.  The prizes here are never what they seem...

Stables:  Inside the stables, the whiney of horses can be heard mixed with the grinding of bones.  Those who hunt for horses to ride for escape or pleasure will find something…unexpected.  Some of the steeds are animated horse bones that appear to live.  Other mounts are normal enough looking horses as long as you ignore the scales, claws, and fangs.  The worst are the night mares in the darkest corners of the stable with flaming hooves and a look of murder in their eyes.  There is also the mysterious steed of the Ringmaster.  It lives on the top level of the stables and tends to eat any who is not its master.  The stables also house the performing animals of the circus.  Elephants, gryphons, lions, bears, tigers, and many other exotic dangerous creatures from myth and mundane life have a stall in the stables.  Be careful what you feed the poodles.  They are a bit bloodthirsty.

Big Top:  Come one; come all to the greatest part of the show!  Gaze upon the largest tent in the entire circus!  Be prepared to be amazed, scared, and titillated!  The Big Top is the heart of the circus and where the strangest, most humiliating shows happen.  There is a high wire, trapeze, a canon big enough for a human to be shot out of, and three large rings where shows happen at all hours.  The seats are full of an audience when there is entertainment happening.  Though the audience appears normal at first glance, looking too closely at them will allow you to realize how creepy and strange they are.  There is something a bit off in the too eager smiles and the hungry eyes of the spectators.  The large center ring is the absolute domain of the Ringmaster and contains the best and worst of the entertainment – depending on if you are watching or performing.  Some have speculated that the center ring is a doorway or the heart of the Ringmaster’s power.  Good luck discovering if either of those is true.

Other Tents (T1, T2, T3, T4):  Four tents surround the Big Top and stand as empty as coffins awaiting a fresh corpse.  These fill up with spectacles and shows from time to time.  Some are not so bad and others are downright horrific.

Apartments:  To the side of the Big Top a rundown wood building stands tiredly awaiting tenants.  An old apartment building sits incongruously near the circus and is home to all those who the Ringmaster brings in for entertainment.  The apartment starts out well-ordered and clean enough but it does not always stay that way.  Random power outages happen and plunge the entire building into darkness or only half of it.  The water to the bathroom and kitchen works most of the time.  The view from the balcony of the apartments …changes.  One will show the barren landscape of the forest fading into nothing in the far distance.  Others will show a scene of mountains in winter, a ‘modern’ city bustling with life, a graveyard full of walking corpses, a medieval castle with knights practicing for the pleasure of ladies watching, and so on and so forth.  All of the views from the balconies change at random and all of them look achingly real or vaguely unreal by turns.  Within the apartment building, there is a deep basement.  Explorers have found the leftover junk of a hundred tenants down there or just an empty dark space.  There are rumors of whispers heard in the darkness of the basement that lead to madness if you listen to them too long. Click Here to see the inside of the Apartments.

More will eventually be added, as the circus is ever changing and ever growing....