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How to Format Your Post

Formatting Posts

This a quick little helpful guide on how you should format your posts to the community. We only have one community site, which makes things pretty easy. All logs/posts go to the main RP site. If we start having too many people where a need to separate logs and posts, we'll do so at a later time. However, for now just make sure you post everything to the main community. For the OOC community and your character's journal, do format however you like (On your character's journal you can even do a first person post).

So How Should I Post Something?

1. In the Subject Line, please name your log or Action Thread.

2. Use the following format to display information about the log/post preceding the lj-cut:

Characters: Characters involved
Rating: Rating of the content for the part posted. (See further down for rating information)
Date: The date the log or thread takes place
Summary: Summary of the log
Notes: (Optional) Additional information. Also can be used when a log is a continuation or directly related to another log or entry, linking with it's subject.

3. Put the log behind a lj-cut and please tag the characters involved and either "log" or (open/closed) "active log". If a character is missing a tag for some reason, poke one of the mods and we'll be happy to fix that! Open log means anyone can join in. Closed log means only certain characters can or are participating.

4. Rating your log. Use your best judgement on where your log fits in. Anything higher than an R (Sex, extreme violence) should also be friends locked. DO NOT FORGET TO DO THIS OR YOU COULD GET KICKED FROM THE LIST. The Ratings are generally as followed.

For Everyone: G (ages 13 and under can read this without issue)
Teens: PG/PG-13 (ages 13-16 can read this without issue)
Older Teens: PG-15 (ages 16-19 can read this without issue)
Adults: R (ages 18+ can read this without issue)
Explicit: NC-17 (ages 18+, graphic content such as sex, violence/gore, etc.)

That's All you need to know about how to organize your log. So make sure you LJ-Cut the log, put all the information listed above outside of the cut, Rate the log, Tag the characters and what kind of log it is, and Friends lock anything with sex or extreme violence. Simple!