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How to IM RP

How to IM RP

IM RP has been around a long time. It's a fast and fun way to play, though a bit hard to read. We do allow IM RP on this list, however when posting it, you need to make sure its cleaned up. So how do you do this.

First and Foremost you and a person must play the characters. It should look like this:

(Your Screenname): Character name: *action* Dialogue

Let's break down the parts for those not familiar with how to do this.

Your Screenname: This is automatically put out by your messenger. It's whatever your screenname is. You will need to delete this before you post the log.

Character Name: You need to type this before any action you do. This will take the place of your screenname once it's been deleted and let other people know what character is doing stuff.

Action: This is a movement or any stage direction you give your character. It needs to be between either two * or :::
Example: *He bent down to tie his shoe* or :::He bent down to tie his shoe.:::

Dialogue: Anything not in the action portion is your character talking.

Other Notes: If you need to speak out of character, please do so in (). All OOC must be removed before it's posted. Also please use a different color (but readable) for each character so its easier to tell them apart.

When finished with an IM log, please clean up any OOC or internet speak, flush out things if necessary, and remove your screen name. Then post it as you would a normal log. If you need help doing that, please look at the end of how to post a GDoc. Any Questions, ask a mod!